Gullies are a great folk band from Melbourne. I come across them on Unearthed and was surprised by the music and the lyrics.

The songs come together and make sense, the music means the words and the words mean the music. Groundhog was my favourite song. The chorus comes together with the words “No-body wants, no-body wants” It reminded me of when I bought The Beatles best of album and just repeated that song “Let it Be”.

All the songs are great and I recommend buying the album the link is


What album did you first buy?

CD; Ben Harper – “Live from Mars”. I Think Tape; The Chipmunks.. Record; Junior Kimbrough

What artist has been you biggest influence and why?

Neil Young. His music was drilled into us from a young age so subconsciously his influence was always going to sneak in there.

What are you doing on the live scene at the moment?

Just kicking off. We wrote the album before we had put a band together, so now that we have a band we are starting to gig. But that is on hold for now as Jorge is travelling for a few months.

What are your plans for the future musically?

I have built a recording studio at my house, so just more recording I guess. We have really fell in love with the process of making songs and albums together, but a gig here and there never hurt.

What do you enjoy most about music?

The release. Its a great mode of expression.

How would you make the music scene better?

I would love for it not to be so competitive. More musicians need to support other musicians.

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