Trudy Newell

A folk, rock, pop infused bubble is how I would describe Blacktown’s (Sydney) Trudy Newell. Trudy is an embassador for mental health and I think knows the vibe of music right know.

The featured song “Don’t Push Me” has a beautiful guitar intro. The backing vocals give it a subtle lift, it suits the song as if saying change doesn’t have to be difficult. The lyrics seem to be relationship driven. Seems like the love & hate kind (aren’t they all!) something almost everyone can relate too.

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What got you into music?

I was always lonely as a kid.. Geeky, dorky but really smart… Nothing going for me? But I could sing amazingly,! (considering my mouth didn’t close) my front top tooth was so bucked but still I managed to learn. I mimicked the songs and dubbed them onto an old tape (sticky tape…vintage music was so much more crafty!) until the tape tangled from overuse. So I’d say I just grew up in a blues-inducing lifestyle. I require a certain amount of chaos to function!


Album first bought?
Well it was bought for me.. Roxette and a new HIFI dual tape record player, that’s how you impress a 14yo girl.. Never will forget that present.. Built in mic! Sweet.
Artistic influence?
Well I have to disobey you here Heath! Lyrically- would have to say McCartney/Lennon and Billy Joel. Vocally- a wide swath of talent and genre/styles. I learned by imitating the great standards and 60s-80s MOR/pop. Call it Whitney Houston and Peggy Lee, that’s a nice start!
Live scene at the moment?
What am I doing? Mostly longing! 😉Some promising opportunities around but right now my focus is on refining works, collaborating (for the first time in so long!) and recording that long overdue album.
How would you make the music industry better?
I’ve got a Facebook page called Creative Collective  were we can help each other all across the globe. I’m trying to get a small Blacktown festival on once a year where we can get our Creative Collective Brand seen and hopefully establish the brand as “Music Clubs” across Australia. I think that would make it better lol!



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