Why Music Clubs Will Help Music?

As a kid growing up in a small town there was not much to do. Naturally you gravitate towards Sports Clubs. But looking back where’s the Music Clubs?

I took up music at 14 and the way forward was meeting friends and jamming out at houses. There was no help from a Music Clubs like there was from Sports Clubs where players were picked out by scouts and moved up in the game. Sometimes Coach’s will help you work on something or tell you to work on a new area that will make your performance better. In Music you have no helping hands just other dysfunctional musicians usually that have less of an idea than yourself.

A few years ago I done some research and found that there were just a hand full of Music Clubs in Australia the biggest one being only 200 members, located in South Australia somewhere. This inspired me to continue on the ‘Club’ idea and create my own.

kick can

When l bring up the idea of Music Clubs it always gets the same sort of negative reactions including.

  • But l want to be the rock star.
  • Clubs just rob people with poker machines.
  • Your just doing this so you can be a rock star.
  • Your killing music by cheapening the product.

Let me discredit these comments before moving onto the positives of this idea.

  1. You wanting to be a ‘Rock Star’ is all part of people’s perspective. If you look at these so called ‘Rock Stars you’ll see they never saw it that way anyways. For example Keith Richards in his autobiography said the only way to be a musician after World War II was to be famous. Being famous never appealed to him but it just seemed part of the job. Dave Grohl on the other hand who ‘Rock Starred’ in the 90s is quoted many times saying it was all to do with the ‘media’ and he was just and average guy who took it on the road with a bad ass show.
  2. Most Clubs don’t have poker machines. Yes fair enough my local Leagues Club and Bowling Club’s did have poker machine. But my Soccer Club, Cricket Club, Rugby Club, Gardening Club, Rotary Club and well most Club’s didn’t have those evil pokies.
  3. Why would l want to be a ‘Rock Star’? I have a good paying job that feeds my family already. Music for me is a great hobby and a Club thing for me once a month is fun.
  4. Music Club’s like Sports Club’s will just generate more interest in the Club subject. More people will rock up to gigs. More people will become music fans and grassroots music will flourish. It’s already been done in sports so why not music.


Onto the positive points. What will more Music Clubs do for communities? Everyone is so quick on the negative but so slow on the positives.

• Kids that like music will have something to do.

  • People will actually turn up to live music events.
  • More people will be able to do music as a profession as it is in sport.
  • It will generate more interest in local acts and push some multinational acts out.
  • Clubs can liaison with each other! So you could play a Football Club game or a Rotary Club Event.
  • Don’t have money for say a PA? Clubs generate money and could share a PA or pay for a Sound Guy!
  • Clubs are all about people! There is plenty of help or advice to go round!
  • Clubs might generate enough interest in music again that we’ll get a cool music show on TV again!
  • Touring will be easier if there a lots of Clubs. Getting in contact with other Clubs will give you more venue contacts.

music club

Here is a link to starting a music club for anyone interested http://www.ehow.com/how_7843125_start-music-club.html

If anyone has anything on the subject leave a comment. I’m always looking for new ideas and am all to happy to give you mine.

Cheers Heath

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