Wow l usually scour the earth trying to find great indie musicians but out of the blue a Hindu Goddess came from heaven and found me. There’s a first for everything folks. Rivita comes from New Delhi and is currently studying music in London.

Her brand new song “While the Love is Gone” is a real winner. l like the mix of musical ability and Poetic phrasing. l get a real sense of positivity and hope. While the love is gone maybe do something practical. Words to live by! Such an old soul in a young body.

The thing that strikes me the most about Rivita is she does everything herself from the song-writing, to the singing, to the producing, to the art work. She even manufactures her own CDs. A real DIY hard working attitude which l really admire.


What are you up to in your musical world?
 I have my new single “While The Love is Gone” coming out on the 31st of May, followed by a music video on the 13th of June. I am currently busy working on my debut E.P.
What are some great song-writing ideas you have come across these days?
 These days, a lot of songwriters incorporate urban slangs and trending things as lyrics into their songs and I think that’s pretty cool.
What do you prefer the singing or the song and why?
 I prefer both, as much as I enjoy writing a song, a lot of my ideas come when I sing it.. that is just who I am as an artist.
What is the best venue you have played and why?
 Shepherds bush, Islington.. its a pretty iconic venue, I played with an amazing band and we had the time of our lives.
What are some of the things you like to write about?
 I like to write about anything that inspires me.
Why do you like the artists you like?
 I like artists because of their unique voice and style, I take a lot of inspiration from someone who is different and walking their own path rather than following everyone else.

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