Hailing from Jakarta, Grow Rich with “Cash to Kyodo”!

Grow Rich

Hailing from Jakarta Indonesia comes a new age Indie Rocker outfit called “Grow Rich”!

First impressions of their new single “Cash to Kyodo” are real in your face rock. The drummer is smashing a solid but rhythmic beat. The singer is good and the lyrics are really positive which I like. The experimentation with musical dynamics is awesome. Also the lead guitarist has some chops, simple in parts but really building to some highs.

It’s exciting hearing about the new music scene in Indonesia but getting to hear it and write a blog on it is on a whole other level. Thanks “Grow Rich” and hopefully I’ll see you on TV one day.

What are you up to in your music world?

This may sounds cliche, but I want to spread positivity to the world with a song. It always feels nice to see my song bring happiness and good spirits to those who listen to it. And I believe we all want to see happy people in a happy world. So Grow Rich (My solo musical venture) is how I try and make these ideas happen.

What are some great song-writing idea’s your using currently?

Firstly I gather the ideas, you know by doing some basic observation about being human. I simply ask myself, what makes a human a human? There’s a lot of answers to that question. I think about the ability to having a delusion, lack of confidence, the temptation to be inertia, Insecurity and all the things which hinder us from achieving what we want in our life. I want the listeners to notice that I recognize those self negative thoughts really exist in the lyrics of “Grow Rich’s” first single “Cash to Kyodo”, because it’s so very humane. Before I tell them to take control of their self and don’t give up; to fight for the best things that they wanted in their life. Nothing good will come to us if we let ourself get stuck down doing nothing; paralyzed by negativity.

Do you prefer the singing or the song and why?

I love both. The music, the lyrics it’s all good man. First time I listen to Cash to Kyodo. I knew that I loved it. The upbeat, groovy drum tempo, the sweets riffs and the melody of my guitar. The positive nature of the lyrics. It’s all sounds good to me.

What is the best music venue you have played and why?

In my experience as a musician I know how it feels to play in every type of music venue and it feels good. Big or small venues is all the same to me. I like them all!

What are some of the themes you like to write about?

Everything which is related with being a human being. Absolutely in a positive light.

Why do you like the artists you like?

I have no favourite artist since I listen to a pretty wide range of music. I like good music or music with a good lyric. And the definition of good itself is obviously pretty subjective, it doesn’t have a solid standard, and it depends on many situations and where the listener is. Sure I like punk rock music or some short of indie rock stuff.


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