Rivita – “Tribal Love” Single


Rivita from New York has a great new song “Tribal Love”! Genres cut into pop, electro and singer-songwriter. Musically there’s quite a bit to it, the singing is top stuff and accompanies the music. Sound choice is very interesting and I like the effects on the guitar parts.

The theme to the song struck a chord with me. The chorus has a nice subtle dynamic were Rivita chants the title of the song over and over. I’m a believer in prophecy and being lead by a godly force, all that stuff. So it makes plenty of sense to me!

Beautiful song! What is the whole meaning for “Tribal Love”?
I think my entire album has been about the kind of love that I believe in and Tribal Love really stemmed from the idea of pure, loyal love and not settling for less. I think there is a certain strength in the song, talking about not being afraid of being alone and being a fiercely strong person but at the end of the day, I believe in the old school kinda love, the kind which makes people stick together through thick and thin!

The song has a nice positive theme is that something you like in songs?
Most of the time, I write songs from the perspective of being strong and believing in something bigger than oneself. Even though I am not always a positive person, I find that music is a medium of hope and has this strong ability to make people feel, and at the end of the day I try to write songs that would make me wanna wake up and write more.
Anything planned for live performances?
I will be performing live at Funk n Waffles in Syracuse, New York this weekend on the 24th at 6 pm EST and hopefully I will be playing more shows in the US this year.
Is electronic music something you have always done or is it a progression and why the choice in genre?
Electronic music is not something I have always done. I have always been a very tech-centric human being though and I guess it was only a matter of time before I joined the dots and combined my passion for music with that for computers. I have had a band in the past and I have recorded a few songs with full bands. As much as I love those songs, I believe that I truly evolved when I incorporated production and electronic elements into my music. I continue to grow and metamorphosis and maybe in the future my sound will becomes even bigger and better than it is today!
My interpretation of “Tribal Love” is choice by pure instinct… Are you a believer in feelings and fate, all that kind of stuff?
I believe in intuition and feelings for sure, I do think that things happen for reason and there is a path craved out for everyone. I think every little detail in our journey makes a big difference in who we are as people and a lot of my music does originate from little encounters that I have with the world. I guess it is almost like butterfly effect.

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