Trudy Newell – Letting You Go





From Sydney Australia Singer-songwriter Trudy Newell has been plugging away at her great new track “Letting You Go”.  The track seems an honest one and points to the title meaning. Trudy’s vocals are a real standout and probably the best I’ve heard from her.

The songs playful melodies moments are a nice touch( You can’t have enough melody whether it be in vocal or guitar I say). The music video and production are professional and seem to marry up greatly.

It’s been a great journey to watch coming along with leaps and bounds. Good work Trudy Newell! (Interview below)




Hey Trudy! You were telling me this project happened over three countries can you tell us a bit about it?

I recorded the vocals at Unity Gain Studios with John Prior. My Facebook friend Ray Jenkins (from Bulgaria )did the instruments with Rick Medlock on drums. Also Ray Chapman did the video in England. So it’s an international work which is a new one for me!


“Letting You Go” is a great song can you elaborate on it a little for us?

I wrote Letting Go for a comedy night I performed at  a  few years back. The song went into hibernation after that. When I started to play it again I thought “this could actually be a good song!” So I recorded the vocals (when I recorded “Drift” and “Heart-Shaped Bruise”).

“Letting You Go” is really about letting go of the bad habits in ourselves, because they are the ones that annoy us in others. It started as a joke song, now I think it’s one of my best. Jenks really made it shine!


I see you have a young family what do they think of music in general?

My daughter Fiona hasn’t seen much of me playing music because I’ve been sick since having her. Being up and down with the bipolar doesn’t leave much head-space for playing music either. But we restrung the guitar this week and I’ve had a little play.


You have a podcast now how is that going?

My podcast on is a real creative outlet for me; people on the platform are really supportive of my musical goals. Since I’ve had my music up through DistroKid on iTunes and Spotify it’s been featured on three other stations and it gives me a thrill to know that I am being heard.


What’s your opinion on music these days?

As far as music goes; I find it very hard to sustain myself playing and writing. “Hope”  I think you need to have and the belief in your writing. I find it hard to keep on believing through the depression; although I have started to write again, just for fun.

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