RIVITA – Hunt You Down (Single)



“Hunt you Down” is the new single from sensational New York artist Rivita. The Intro sounds enchanting with wood like instruments chiming pleasant melodies. The chorus comes in with some subtle dynamics; it’s damn catchy and hypnotic! a real master class in how to use repetition.

The theme has a nice positive message of hope. Hope is hunted and sought; All of us  do this through our lives I’m sure! Although the song is about meeting the one I think it can be put into so many different stages of life. The lead also hits home in the Chorus going higher and more uptempo.


The video really seems to compliment the music! It is a dance video where they use a contemporary form of dance to bring out the beat. The girls look like their having a ball and I’m sure they are.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! The interview is below.

Wow this is a great project reminds me of a Sia music video. How did this collaboration come about?

Thank you so much Heath! Last year, I finished producing my E.P. “Tribal Love” and I was looking to collaborate with a ballet dancer on the music video. I had been asking around looking for the perfect person to collaborate with but after weeks of searching, I didn’t have any luck until one day I received an e-mail from Maddy Masello’s mom who responded to my advert on Craig’s list and Maddy and I ended up collaborating on the “Tribal Love” music video and one of my live shows. Maddy is a part of a dance group at Studio B Dance Co. in Liverpool, New York, where she dances with her friends. We soon started talking about a concept for the “Hunt U Down” music video and thought it would be super cool to get Maddy’s friends involved as well – Arabella and Madison who are exceptional dancers. I think the three of them together really brought the song to life. I truly believe that inter-artistic collaborations really enhance the story of a song. We had a really fun day filming and luckily, Todd Michalek who is an amazing cinematographer was able to join us and be the director of photography on this video.

Interesting theme to this single. It sounds like your hunting the elusive. Tell us a bit about “Hunt you Down”?

The song “Hunt U Down” is a part of my 5 track E.P. “Tribal Love”. The concept behind my entire E.P. was somewhat a commentary on the millennial dating life and how I felt about it. It goes from the casual yet ironic feel of the song “While The Love is Gone” into “Tribal Love” which is about not settling for less and finding the kind of love that doesn’t move on from one person to the next into “Hunt U Down” which I think turned out to be a great way to tie up the E.P. not only story wise but also sonically. I hardly ever write uptempo songs and my family always tells me that I should write fun songs that make people move as well! I really took their advice on this one, I also spoke to another songwriter – Sylvie Songs, about the songs that I had written for the E.P. and she gave me some excellent guidance. I think all in all, I listened to my heart and to the people around me and “Hunt U Down” came into existence. We give up a lot when we settle for something that does not feel right at the core, and I, truly wanted to capture the essence of my beliefs with these songs.

I’m guessing your still doing everything yourself (Producing, Singing, Instruments ect) have you found any helpers in big New York city?

It is true, I do a lot of heavy lifting for the music, I write, perform, engineer, produce, mix and then I go onto create the artwork and the videos. I think it has less to do with the world and more to do with my personality, I love learning and researching and working towards bringing my vision to life. I guess, I am kind of an engineer in lots of ways.

This past one year, I really worked towards getting out of my introverted comfort zone and meeting new people to work with! 2018 has been a big year for me, I went all the way to South Africa to audio engineer on a journalistic project where I ended up collaborating with local artists, I realized that a lot of these hugely talented artists didn’t necessarily have a way to record themselves and get a studio quality recording for their music and this gave rise to my project “The Traveling Studio”. The first song from this project, “Love Again” that I co-wrote/produced with rapper/producer Asemahle just came back after being mastered at Air Studios in London and I am really excited to be releasing it in August. I collaborated with artists and producers from all around the globe this year and I can’t wait for the world to hear my new music.

I saw you did your first New York gig. How did that go?

My first performance was held at Nublu in New York City to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the organization Female Pressure, which is an international network of female, transgender and non-binary individuals who practice in the realm of electronic music. It was an excellent event, I had an incredible time performing and I got to meet some amazing artists and people! I felt greatly honored to have shared the same platform as the other electronic artists – Leah King, She’s Excited and Discoheads, Electric Djinn and Dreeemy to name a few!

See your doing some music education how is that all going?

This past year I pursued my second Graduate degree in Audio Arts. While this program greatly revolved around audio engineering, I was able to really explore interesting courses in visual storytelling at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. I took this year to explore courses that were not necessarily related to music but ultimately enhanced my practice as an artist whether they were in entrepreneurship or in design thinking. I believe the essence of creation is exploration, and the more new concepts I learnt, the better ideas I perceived. I think this year gave me a lot of food for thought. I not only learnt a lot about the subjects that I was studying but I also feel like it was a self-discovery mission!

What’s your plans for the future?

I will be releasing a new song or video each month for the rest of the 2018 until I release my debut album in 2019, I have collaborated with some amazing artists from all around the globe on some of these projects and I am really excited for my new releases. Meanwhile, I am also developing my venture Mix Music Master. Apart from my artistic practice, I will be teaching, working as a composer for Film/TV and a music producer on various projects.

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